Contra Costa County Covid Safeguards and regulations will be enforced.

  • Antioch City Staff will check each person upon entry.
  • ALL players and coaches over 12 years old will either need to show proof of full vaccination
    proof of a NEGATIVE Covid test in the last 3 days.
  • All spectators will be required to wear masks.

  • Will not share food or drinks
  • Will use hand sanitizer frequently

  • Will be wiped down and sanitized between uses
    We are all learning to be flexible and monitor the Covid Guidelines. They seem to change rapidly. Current regulations will be listed on Here is what we know as of 1/1/22.

    New ==> County guidelines require ALL players, spectators, and coaches to wear masks indoors, even while playing.
    ==> ALL players and coaches MUST show picture ID and proof of FULL vaccination OR a negative test result from an approved health care clinic within 72 hours for entrance to Antioch Community Center.
    ==> Players have two choices: get fully vaccinated or get tested each week.  It is up to the individual.     

    If the player is fully vaccinated, they need to carry the vaccination card or a photo of the card with them.

    For the players who plan on testing each week, we recommend getting tested on Sunday or Monday each week to make sure the test fulfills the test result within the 72-hour requirement which will make it good for both Tuesday and Wednesday practices. Also, make sure the testing facility can get your result to you prior to 6 pm on Tuesdays.